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Times Group and Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity inaugurated a Women Developement Cell at Jai Hind College on the 3rd Jan 2006

Ms Meera Borwankar the Joint Commissioner of  Police, Crime Branch, Mumbai was the Chief Guest.

She said: 'My message to the girls is that we show our true potential. My message to the boys is that they accept our strength...they need not turn us into literature, but allow us to be  ourselves. 

From Right: Ms Yatri, Myself, Ms Kirti Narain (Principal, Jai Hind College), Ms Ranjana Shivdasani, Ms Bharti Jaffrey, Ms Avantika Kelkar...

One more Women Center

 Under the able leadership of Head Mistress Ms Ranjana Shivdsani, The VBM School, near Nana Chowk, an Audio Visual Center, Nursery and Junior KG classes were inaugurated on the 7th of January 2006, at the Educational Institution.

The Chief guest at the function was Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani, the President of the HSN Collegiate Board who has given an uplift to the structural beautification of the school.

 In association with Times Group and Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity (WMPP), the school has also set up a Women Center for the upliftment of the young students and their mothers.

The Center will provide vocational guidance, communication skills, meditation courses eg Art of Living and Vipassana, Yoga, Medical check ups etc

Representatives of Times Group and The Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity stated that the Nation’s hope lies in the Woman, Youth, the Educationists and the Judiciary.

 The Women Soul will reign, but for that she needs to be empowered.

Does she?

Woman is Shakti!

The Women of the Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity, believe that what is required is that the woman wakes up to her true potential!

A woman is more compassionate and besides she has the potential to influence two families!

 And for that end, the woman must be awakened and the man be sensitized!

 Also present at the august occasion:

Mr. Ram.Maheshwary, Ms Maya Shahani, Ms Shakun Narain, Mr. JK Bhambhani

Mr. J.K Bhambhani, Ms Shah, Mr Punwani, Ms C. Mascarenhas…

In the photograph below:

Front: From left to right: Ms Sumaira Ali (Activist for Environment), Ms Ranjana Shivdasani, Head Mistress of VBM High School, Myself (Vice Chairperson WMPP) Ms Maya Shahani (Chairperson WMPP) 

Behind: Mr Ram Maheshwary (GM and Branch Head of Times Group, who we, in good humor refer to, as the Man behind (all the good work)  the Women (of WMPP do) Incidentally Mr Ram.M is also the Managing Trustee of WMPP!



On the 24th April 2006, met Mr Sumit Mullick (Education Secretary)

In the picture below: Mr Sumit Mullick and Mr Ram Maheshwary discussing the possibility of legitimizing the concept of Women (Mother) Centres.


Had a Spiritual Meeting at The TOI Bldg on the 5th Jan 2006.

In the picture below:,Ms Jaya Row, and Ms Sudeshna Chatterjea

Had a Makar Sankraanti Kirtan and explanation of the festival at the Dada Vaswani Mission at Geetanjali Bldg.
Below a devotee reading from the Nuri Granth

Below: Seeking blessings from: Shriman (present) Mahant Ram Singh Ji Maharaj of Nirmal Aashram Rishikesh He descends from the lineage of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj

Below: We met a dainty dynamic lady (Ms Supriya Sule) who believes in making a difference through quality education. She likes to look into 'taking care' of the progress of children with special needs like dyslexia, autism...and also the running of self-help groups with a difference.

From left: Ms Maya Shahani, Myself, Ms Supriya Sule (daughter of Mr Sharad Pawar) Ms Sunita Godbole, Ms Prema Iyer

Below: From left, Ms Kaya Shewakramani (Passages), Ms Rani Raote (Psychologist, writer, Labour Minister 2006, Mr Deshmukh

Below from right: Mallika Oberoi and myself during Shivratri 2006 Mallika does tremendous work uplifting women and children in the Colaba slum-world

Building Bridges to more 'Women Centers' and more 'good people'

Have you ever thought about the reason why the underworld is so well connected?

It is because they have a common agenda. Mostly Greed and Power.

The time has come to get good people together.  I believe that one is a 'good person' if one makes an effort to contribute to the welfare of the planet, for the joy of being of service, and for no other motive.

Maharishi Karve gave shelter to 5 widows and made them 'stand' on their feet in 1916. SNDT acquired a University status in 1936. The campus still exists in Pune. Karve Kuteer is a heritage cottage.

Today SNDT enjoys an audience of 70,000 women!

Below from left to right: Mr Ram Maheshwary, Ms Chandra Krishnamoorthy (Vice Chancellor SNDT University, Ms Chandra Ganeshan (Dean of students)

(April 2006)

Below: Parvati Khan? Strange name! 
Perfect for Communal Harmony which is her passion!


From left Swami Gangeshwar Anand (figure) Sri Morari Bapu and Govind Muni at Agarwal House (April 2006)

Offered him my pranaam and my books.

Bapu said in his pravachan: 

Paap (evil) leaves you as you dip into the Ganga, and attacks you as you come out of the blessed pure water...

Better would be to constantly remain immersed in 'Harinaam'

Above: Visited the Lotus Eye Hospital on the 6th of June 2006

Met Ms Shabana Azmi and Ms Raveena Tandon

Both  a rare mixture of passion and celebrity

Such  people can make a difference!

On Gur Poornima Day (11th July 2006) went to pay homage to my Guru 

Ma Indira Devi, in Pune.

Ms Hema Malini is also a disciple of Ma. She is seen in the photo with Namrata who served Ma for 5 years

Below: Shamshah Sonawalla 

A star in her right! (Psychologist. Harvard Medical School

Depression Clinical and Research Program) with Mr Ram Maheshwary

Shamshah gave a talk on Mood swings at the Times of India bldg on the 30th of Aug 2006. Some points (the way I understood them): To distinguish what are normal and abnormal 'mood swings'...if one has control over ones moods one is swinging more towards 'normal' Causes for mood swings may be: genetic, temperament, stress, fatigue, hormones...depressive disorders may be major or minor...all with bi-polar disorder do not do badly in life...they can be productive...

Kunika Lall on the right in the picture below.

She is a movie and TV actor and she has promote AIDS awareness in India. Conducted seminars in villages and jails. Instructed and counseled AIDs patients on proper hygiene and mental health. Implemented voluntary relief and rehabilitation work in Gujarat, after the earthquake on January 26th, 2001 . 

American Consul Mr. Michael Owen at the Times of India. A presentation was made where featured Times Foundation and WMPP activities. My book Dadi Nani ki Kahaani was gifted to him with a hope that he would help in our endeavor to spread peace. 

In the picture on the left: below: Mr Michael Owen, Mr Garg, Mr Jindal, Ms Bachi Karkaria

Picture on the right: Mr Ram Maheshwary making the presentation.

Above left:  Me shaking hands with Mr Michael Owen while Pratima Rajan and Bachi Karkaria look on. 

Above right: From left: Mr Michael Owen, Myself, Ms Pratima Rajan and Ms Prajakta 

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