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Lord Krishna is an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The following Shloka describes Vishnu, the primal God, as He reclines asleep on the ocean of space before creation begins. His shloka is for a peaceful and happy life, family happiness, comforts and all enjoyment.

Shaantakaaram bhujaga shayanam padmanaabham suresham

vishwaa dhaaram gaganasadrusham meghavarnam shubhangam

Laxmikaantam kamala nayanam yogi birdhya nagamyam

Vande Vishnum bhava bhaya haramsarva lokaika natham

Which means:

I bow to Vishnu, the Lord of the worlds, who peacefully reclines on the serpent, with the lotus at His navel, Lord of the Gods, the Source of all things, vast, dark as a rain cloud, auspicious, beloved of Laxmi, lotus eyed who can be reached by Yogis through meditation.

Mantramala by Rohini Gupta




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