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(Through the pages of my diary)


Shakun Narain

Ma Indira Devi

Maa Indira Devi praying to the Thakurs before giving them to Shakun Narain

A mystic reaches the truth through spiritual insight. To use mind and intellect to understand such personalities is difficult but to love them is easy.

I do not claim to belong to the inner circle of Ma Indira Devi, but I do love her and I am certain that she loves me too.

I was acquainted to Ma Indira Devi through her book Pilgrims of the Stars.

Since then there was a tremendous urge within me to meet her in person.

I did, during the month of June. 1984. I had gone to Pune to attend a wedding. When I arrived at the Hare Krishna Mandir, I was told that Ma was resting, hence to return in the evening.

I reached Ma's place at 6.40 p.m. The aarti was over, so I was told by a disciple that I could go upstairs where Ma was.

As I progressed towards her in a queue, she held out her hands towards me, like one would to a long-lost loved one and apologised for turning me away in the afternoon as in her own words she said, "I need to rest as I am old and sick."

I looked at her and said that she looked neither.

She smiled at me.

I was drawn by an irresistible urge to touch her feet. Something that I generally cannot do easily. I held on to her feet and said: "I believe that there comes a time in every aspirant's life when he has to make a choice, but I love my home and I love God."

She smiled at me and said, 'Good, what is there to choose? One leaves home and makes an ashram, leaves one's children and makes disciples. God is everywhere and in everyone. You will find him in your home. There is no need to separate."

She continued, 'You Just feel love and be sincere and that will be your path."

I said, 'My Ishta is Lord Krishna." She said, "He is the highest, only He is a difficult God to please.

I agreed and said: "Look at the way he stands - so crooked!"

She smiled and said, People think he is made of stone. To me everyone is made of stone, only He is real!"

When I asked Ma Indira Devi if I could quote from her book Pilgrims of the Stars, When I wanted to write about her, in my book "In Touch with Masters she looked at me, lovingly smiled and said - "Take the whole book, take me also."

Another time when I asked her if I could write about her, from the notes that I had compiled from my meetings and conversations with her, she said: "Write what you feel!"

I have tried to do that.

I hope you, my readers, can sense her personality through the words you are about to read.

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