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Your Best Friend - Ganesha

Dear Children,

Do you know Lord Ganesha?

Ganesha has very big ears, that denotes that He is able to hear everything.

Ganesha has a big trunk.

Did you know that a big trunk has the quality of being able to uproot a tree?

It also can pick up a tiny needle from a haystack?

So the big trunk of Lord Ganesha represents that the tiniest creature does not pass unnoticed by Him.

Lord Ganesha’s large belly denotes prosperity.

His wide forehead denotes great wisdom.

His carriage is a rat! The rat represents the earth.

How can an elephant God sit on a rat?

Seems absurd! But it is not so!

God, despite being the Lord of Creation, attends to our earth, which is like a speck of dust in the Universe.

At this time of the year many people bring a Ganesha idol home, to be worshipped.

If you want to bring a small idol in your home and worship Him like millions do in India, it is fine.

You can, however worship Him in your heart, any time.

You could also keep a small Ganesha idol, that you own, and place it in a prominent place in your house, during the Ganpati, 11 days of worship.

Offer Him flowers, light some incense.

You do not need difficult prayers to please Him and listen to your prayers.

Just chant: ‘Om Ganeshaaya Namah’ with faith.

Offer Him sweets. 

You do not need to immerse that Ganesha in the water.

Just lovingly keep Him back in His original place, in your home.

You could do this any time of the year that you feel like.

Ganesha is endearing.

It is very easy to love Him.

Cuddle Him and keep Him close to your heart, always.

He could become your best friend.

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