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Divine Births

Birthplace of Lord Krishna (Mathura)

Thought One                               Thought Two

Dear Children,

Last time I told you about how, most divine children were born in mysterious ways. I am going to tell about how that came to pass.

Rama's father's name was King Dashratha. He had 3 wives and had almost lost hope of begetting children. Dasharatha's guru Sage Vashishta advised him to perform a certain prayer. At the conclusion of it, a Celestial Being appeared with a bowl of sweetened rice and milk. King Dashratha was told to distribute the sweet to his 3 wives. It is written that on drinking of the milk, the wives experienced symptoms of pregnancy and months later, Rama and his brothers were born. 

It is stated that Rama emergence into the world was painless to his mother, Queen Kaushalya. She suddenly saw the Divine Child with 4 arms. Upon Mother Kaushalya's prayer that he assume the body of a natural child, Rama reverted to the form of a normal new born baby and started to cry!

Krishna was born while his parents, Devki and Vaasudeva were in jail. Krishna's parents were imprisoned by Devki's brother who feared that he would be killed by the 8th child born to his sister. Devki did not experience labor pains. Upon the birth of the Divine Child, the guards fell asleep, the gates miraculously opened and Vaasudeva crossed a swollen river and carried the child to safety!

It is believed that baby Sidhaartha, who became the Budha walked a few steps on being born. His Mother Maya learned that she was blessed to be the Mother of a Great Being, by a Celestial Dream!

Jesus' Birth was heralded by a bright Star, which was noticed in far away countries. Angels announced Jesus' birth and blessed Mankind. 

Angel Gabriel appeared to Mohammed and urged him to "Recite" Those utterings are recorded in the Koran.

These Divine children, came to our world to teach how to live our life. We all should follow the Path of Love. And if we walk together, it will make the journey so much more enjoyable. Even though we may be belonging to different religions, we all belong to one big family.

Can you understand that? Maybe I can explain it to you this way. Different people are like different parts of your body. Now when your ear aches, does not the whole of you feel miserable? The same thing happens when your head or tummy hurts. Now when someone in a certain part of the world suffers, we all should hurt, and try our best to relieve him of his misery, because when we do that, the whole of us feels fine. Just like when the tummy stops hurting, we feel fine all over. Am I right?

We tend to fight with each other to prove which religion is better, but we forget that the message of all religions is the same. You, dear children, are the leaders of tomorrow. If you learn this lesson, then maybe, you will teach it to your children, and they will teach it to theirs. Then maybe the world will stop fighting and killing each other.

Can I rely on you, to pass this message? I know I can, because you are very dear children. Jesus said that unless you become like children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven! 

So I know that your world will be, a more peaceful one than ours!

Thought Two

It is believed that Hanuman is among the ll Rudras, Avatars of Shiva. 

He was born through a greater miracle. 

While the kheer or payas of Dasharath's yagna was being distributed to his three wives Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi, it is said that a hard breeze blew, and Kaikeyis share was blown away. The breeze or Vayu or Pavan took it and dropped it in the open hands of Anjani, the monkey queen who ate it. 

Anjani  is the mother of Hanuman who, upon birth, was so powerful that he jumped to grab the sun. The sun, frightened by this assault, negotiated with Hanuman that he would give him golden garments which would be seen only by his Lord master and that Hanuman would meet his Lord because of the gifted garments. 

So Hanuman let go of the Sun. Later during Sri Ram's Vanvaas, (sojourn in the forest) Ram saw the Monkey Hanuman and when he exclaimed about his golden garments, Hanuman recognized his Lord and never left Ram's side. Hanuman is one of the seven 'immortals' of Hindu mythology.


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