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Christ and Krishna

Dear Children,

christDid you know that there are interesting similarities in the life of Christ and Krishna? Their names sound similar also, don't you think so? Kansa, the king of Mathura was warned that a child (already born) would kill him (Kansa) when the child grew up. So Kansa decided to kill young babies. Herod, the king of Palestine was also warned of being killed at the hand of a child born recently…Herod also decided to slaughter the new-borns. Krishna was born in jail and Christ in a manger. Both were saved from the wrath of Herod and Kansa.

Hindus believe that Krishna is an Avtaar (Incarnation) of God. In simple words, God came tokrishna earth taking the body of a human being. Christ's birth commemorates the manifestation of divinity in the world. In simple words, it means that godly things came to earth along with Jesus' birth.

While we are on the subject of Jesus' birth, let me tell you a few more things connected with it. You all have heard of Christmas. Have you heard of Epiphany? Epiphany is called the 'Festival of Lights' and it falls on the 12th day after Christmas. When I was a child and lived in Spain, we used to get gifts on the day of 'Reyes'. Reyes literally means 'Kings' and it is on that day (5th of January) that the Wise men from the East visited baby Jesus and gave him the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  It is believed that the Wise Kings, were led to baby Jesus by a bright star in the sky. I like to believe that it was the position of stars. The kings were probably learned astrologers, and the stars predicted the birth of a divine child. The Kings came from the East. I like to believe that maybe they came from India.

Krishna said: "Sarva bhuta hite ratah" which means that ones must act for the good of humanity. Christ's main teaching was that of love and service. All religions that I have read about practice meditation, and chanting in one form or another. For a Christian, to practice meditation is to become aware of God who resides in the stillness of ones heart. Do you know what Chanting means? It means 'to repeat a spiritual word or short phrase from a Scripture, over and over again'. It is a kind of prayer. And it is supposed to be powerful. If you ask me, I believe the constant chanting keeps one, from thinking unnecessary thoughts. One listens to ones Mantra as one repeats it…And God likes that! God does not like it when we constantly think and worry about things and situations that cannot be helped. God likes it, when after one does ones best, One lets go (of the problem) and lets God (handle it). 

Chanting is practiced in all the major religions. Hindus chant Mantras with the help of a 'mala' and Christians repeat the 'Hail Mary' with the help of a rosary. Hindus chant Aum, Christians say 'Amen' Both sound similar.
Hindus chant 'Hare Rama' Christians chant "Maranatha" (Means: The Lord comes) I believe that both the prayers reach the Lord at the same time. What is important is to pray with a pure heart. And all Great Masters appeared on Earth to teach us the above fact. Ponder on the above facts. Jesus said: "Love thy neighbor as thyself" And your neighbor is one who lives next door to you and shares the same neighborhood or building. We share the same planet and as such, all who live in this world are our neighbors. And we must learn to love one another. 

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