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Prahlad and Holika

You know that God is present everywhere. He is more powerful than the most powerful person on earth. Yet, God comes under the control, of those who love Him very much.

Even though Krishna is God, He was very mischievous and lovable. The Gopis (the ladies of Vrindavan) loved Him a lot. Krishna used to love to play Holi with the gopis of Vrindavan. They would color each other in sheer abandon.

Holi is the Festival of color. That color is the color of love. That is the reason why the Gopis would urge Krishna to color them with such a fast color that it cannot be washed despite repeated washing off.

Holi is connected with the story of Holika. But to introduce you to Holika, I must first tell you the story of Prahlad.

Prahlad was the son of king Hiranyakashyap. Hiranakashyap, being the king of demons was a staunch enemy of Lord Vishnu. Krishna is another form of Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap wanted his whole kingdom to worship him as the 'The most powerful king in the Universe' Sadly for Hiranyakashyap, his son Prahlad worshipped Lord Vishnu and refused to acknowledge the supremacy of his father. Prahlad tried to explain to his father to mend his ways, but that angered the king of demons more. Hiranyakashyap tried all means to make Prahlad shift his devotion from Lord Vishnu to himself.

The wicked king pushed young Prahlad from a tall mountain. Lord Vishnu saved the young boy's life. Then, Hiranyakashyap ordered that Prahlad be trampled by elephants. Then, too Prahlad was miraculously saved by God. The king tried many means to stop his son from chanting the Lord's name, but the latter did not succeed.

Hiranyakashyap had a sister whose name was Holika. She had the boon that even if she were to set herself on fire, she would remain unaffected. The king decided that Holika should hold Prahlad on her lap, and enter a bonfire. But, wonder of wonders, even there, God saved Prahlad. The young boy was unaffected, while Holika burnt to ashes! To commemorate the above incident, bonfires are made to symbolize the burning of Holika. The incident reminds us that Truth, Faith and goodness will always prevail, even though one may first have to go through hardships! The above proves that if you truly love God, He is going to do anything to protect you.

Krishna is always close to those who love Him. Speak to Him! He will hear you and protect you, and those you pray for. Will you make it a habit to pray for yourself and those you love before you go to sleep every night?

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