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The Peacock Feather

If you have ever seen the picture of Lord Krishna, you would have noticed that His crown is adorned with a peacock feather.

I have heard, that in old times, the peacock feather was considered inauspicious. (Do you know what 'inauspicious' means? It means 'something that is not very lucky')

When Krishna heard that, He just picked up the peacock feather and placed it on His crown.

Can you imagine, how important and special the peacock feather must have felt, to know that the Almighty Lord chose it, to become a part of His crown? 

So now when the feather falls from the peacock, it is happy, as it knows that Krishna will give it, the respect and love that it deserves.

The above story teaches us a lesson. It tells us that no one, and nothing is unlucky. It also teaches us that God loves everybody. He also, loves them, who are not loved and respected by others.

So next time, you consider someone 'not good enough' in studies, sports etc. Remember that God has a special place for them. If you love and respect them, God will also make a special place for you, in His heart.

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