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Krishna's Flute

Let me tell you a story that I have heard.

There were 2 blocks of wood.

One block became an idol of Krishna and was worshipped by all who loved Him.

The other block of wood, remained a block of wood, and was discarded in a corner.

The discarded block of wood was upset that, it was not getting the wonderful treatment, that the idol was. The idol explained: "I am worshipped today, because I suffered pain while the artist cut me and chiseled me, while you refused to go through the pain and spent your time on things, that you thought would bring you pleasure".

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?

You have to go through the pain of studies, to reap the fruits of becoming a success later in life! All great learning are the result of hardships. 

So it was with the flute that Krishna, so lovingly held close to His lips. The hollow bamboo reed also suffered. It underwent the agony of being pierced. Seven holes were the result. And those holes produced Divine Music when they came in contact with the Divine Breath of the Lord of Lords!

The Flute says: "My stomach is empty. I cannot sing alone. But the cowherds and the cows and
the fields sway with pleasure, when my Lord sings through me! And after the Lord plays His tune through me, I again become empty."

Krishna's devotees (Gopis) called the Flute 'Krishna ki Patrani' (Krishna's Queen)

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