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Dear Children,

Today I would like to tell you about Govardhan Parvat.

Govardhan is the name of the mountain near Vraj (where Lord Krishna lived as a child and as a cowherd)

The cows grazed on the mountain. Since India is primarily an agricultural country the importance of the cow is great. She gives us milk, her urine has got medicinal properties, her dung is used to light village fires…these are but a few reasons why in India the cow is worshipped.

Anyway to come back to Govardhan… Krishna wanted the people of Vraj to worship the mountain rather than Lord Indra.

Krishna was a radical reformer and he wanted to change the outook of the society during which He lived!

 Krishna also wanted nature to be worshipped. Here nature was in the form of Govardhan…

He wanted to eradicate superstition and fear from the minds of the people of Gokul who believed that if they were to refrain from worshipping Lord Indra, calamity would befall them!

Actually calamity did befall in the form of incessant rain. But Krishna protected His dear friends by lifting the mountain with His little finger…His friends were protected as the mountain acted as a tough all encompassing umbrella!

So dear children God and nature will always protect you if you take care of your environment!

 Also I like to believe that changing an old practice is as difficult as lifting a mountain.

A mountain could be symbolic of knowledge…and knowledge is greater than meaningless rituals, superstition and fear!

 With love,

Dadi Ma Nani Ma



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