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Dhruv was a young 5 year old boy.

The story of Dhruv appears in the Shrimad Bhaagvad.

It is written that he, who reads or listens to the story of Dhruv, feels love for God. 

The father of Dhruv was a king called Uttanpad. 

Many years ago kings used to have more than one wife. 

King Uttanpad was married to Suruchi and Suneeti.

The father had a special liking for his wife Suruchi.

Dhruv was Suneeti’s son.

Uttam was Suruchi’s son.

Once Dhruv saw Uttam sitting on the father’s lap.

Little Dhruv asked his father to carry him, and give him a seat on his lap too.

This wish infuriated Suruchi who lashed out at the child, saying that he had no right to sit on his father’s lap. 

The humiliated little child ran to Suneeti and fighting back tears of anger, recounted what had transpired, to his mother.

The mother Suneeti consoled and instructed little Dhruv

She told him:

  1. If you have to beg for something, let that be from God!

  2. When God gives, he gives in plenty.

  3. God will make you sit on his lap with love. He is the true father of Mankind.

  4. Suruchi has spoken words of truth, even if you want the throne, pray to the Lord!

  5. Pray to God that He grants you a true father’s love.

  6. I am not sending you alone, my blessings and God are with you.

The little child set out for the forest.

He felt confident that no harm would befall him as he had with him, God and his mother’s blessings.

A person who leaves home with blessings, is bound to meet a godly person who will guide him. 

Sure enough Dhruv met Naradji.

Naradji dissuaded Dhruv from undertaking such a difficult task. Naradji told Dhruv:

You are young, you should be spending your time playing… even great sages have not achieved the Almighty…

But Dhruv was adamant.

Naradji taught Dhruv, the technique of prayer and asked him to chant the following mantra: ‘Om namo Bhagvate Vaasudevaaya

The Tapasya (Penance) of Dhruv

For the 1st month he subsisted on fruit and meditated for 3 days at a stretch.

For the second month, he meditated for 6 days at a stretch.

For the 3rd month, Dhruv meditated for 9 days at a stretch and subsisted on only leaves.

For the 4th month, he meditated for 12 days at a stretch and subsisted on only water from the Yamuna River.

For the 5th month Dhruv meditated for 15 days at a stretch, and renounced water as well. 

By the 6th month Dhruv decided that he would stay put in the same position until the Lord appeared.

And the Lord came running to Dhruv.

As the Lord stood in front of Dhruv, the latter did not open his eyes as he was already seeing the Almighty within his own heart.

The Lord made the form that Dhruv was witnessing within himself, disappear!

Dhruv became restless and opened his eyes… and Lo and behold, God was standing outside!

Dhruv exclaimed:

“You are also within me! You are capable of fulfilling all desires… 

Dhruv asked for that, which the Lord wished to give him.

The Lord’s wish was that Dhruv should return to the kingdom.

God wanted to establish the fact that God also gives material wealth to his devotees.

When Dhruv expressed his fear that he might become proud of the fact that he was a prince, who had seen the Almighty, the Lord promised to protect him always.

The Lord knew that Dhruv had started his penance because he had wanted to sit in his father’s lap.

Dhruv was transported to the highest point of heaven, where he sits on his Divine father’s lap as the Pole Star.

The moral of the story is that at one point or another of our life we all encounter situations that are unfair. Instead of focusing on our misfortunes, we should turn to our Divine Father who will give us what we deserve, and turn us into a bright star.



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