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Dear Children,

Did you know that according to the Hindus there are three main pathways, to reach God?

If you are the studious kind then you would probably like to follow the Path of Knowledge.

If you are the kind who loves to talk to God with love, like you do with your mother, then your Path is that of Devotion.

If you are one who likes to help and perform good actions, not for the reason that people may praise you, but because you enjoy being kind, then yours is the Karma Path.

But you could be the kind who likes to pursue knowledge, and with love in your heart you perform good deeds. In that case you are on the expressway to meet God!

Let me tell you what happened.

Once Sage Naradji, came to a place called Vrindaavan.

He saw a young woman who had 2 very feeble sons, who seemed afflicted by a terrible illness.

The young lady told Naradji that she was ‘Bhakti’(Devotion)

And her two old sons were called ‘Vairaagya’ and ‘Gyaan’ (Wisdom)

Naradji tried to cure the ill sons, by trying to wake them up from their stupor.

Naradji whispered some truths into the ears of Vairaagya and Gyaan.

They would wake up for a while and go to sleep again.

So then Naradji was told that if he were to tell them the story of the Shrimad Bhaagvad, Gyaan and Vairaagya would recover totally.

And that is what happened.

Gyaan and Vairaagya were healthy once again.

Bhakti was very happy to find that her children were well and happy.

Dear Children,

I am telling you stories from the Shrimad Bhaagvad.

If you listen to these stories with love, you will always remain young.

With Love,

Dadi-Ma Nani-Ma



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