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The Story of Rama and Seeta

Ram and Seeta


Many years ago there lived in India, a king called Dasharatha.

He was a very good king, but he was very unhappy because he had no children.

So he prayed and prayed until God granted him 4 sons.

King Dasharatha had three queens.

The eldest Queen Kaushalaya became the mother of Rama.

Queen Kaikeyee became the mother of  Bharat.

Queen Sumitra became the mother of twins, Shatrughna and Laxman.


Seeta was a beautiful princess.

Her father, King Janak, wanted a husband for Seeta worthy of her good qualities and beauty. Therefore the king invited suitors to his court.

King Janak promised that he would give Seeta in marriage to one, who could pick up, string and break a very heavy Bow.

Sri Rama married Seeta after succeeding at picking and breaking the heavy bow.


Now let me tell you about Queen Kaikeyee.

I already told you that she was one of the queens of King Dasharatha, who was Ram’s father.

Queen Kaikeyee had saved King Dasharatha’s life.

The King urged Kaikeyee to ask for anything that she desired in return.

Kaikeyee however said, that she would ask for what she wanted, when the time was right.


After Rama completed his education, the time came that he should be crowned king.

Everyone in the kingdom was very happy as Rama was very capable.

However, at that time Kaikayee decided to ask Dasharatha that her  wishes be granted.

She asked king Dasharatha that her son Bharat should be crowned king instead of Rama.

She also asked that Rama should be banished to the forest for 14 years.

King Dasharatha was very unhappy, but Rama told his father that he must keep his promise. So Rama , along with his wife Seeta and brother Laxman left for the forest.

In the forest Seeta was kidnapped by a demon king called Ravana.

Rama urged Raavana to return Seeta unharmed.

But Raavana refused.

Rama with the help of Hanuman, the monkey God and his army, marched against Raavana, who lived in the golden city of Lanka.

After a very fierce battle, Raavana was defeated.

The defeat of Raavana is celebrated in India as Dassera.

Seeta was safe with Rama.

They both returned to their kingdom after 14 years and reigned for a very very long time.

Rama and Seeta’s triumphant homecoming is celebrated as Diwali.

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