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There is an inexhaustible reservoir of Knowledge and Wisdom waiting to be explored in the Ocean that is Hinduism.

A lot of us are unaware of the depth of the essays in spiritual adventure left to us by the Great Sages of this ancient land. Very few have imbibed the quintes­sence of their teachings.

Due to this ignorance many of us have not been able to put into practice the unmatchable tenets of life that the Noble Souls left us in their Great Work.

We as Hindus owe a debt to repay to these, of profound wisdom, for the gifts bestowed on us, some in the form of the scriptures.

We could repay that debt partly by helping in re-instating our Religion and Country to the pinnacle of glory it once enjoyed.

I would feel amply rewarded if this humble effort of mine helps us in our taking one step in that direction.


October 20, 1988

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