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Sri Ramah Charanam Mama

Tulsi Tatvanasundhan Kendra
4/273, Ranighat
(Old) Kanpur 2

There are various angles through which ancient historical Scriptures can be studied.

One of the viewpoints from which to study these writings is its symbolic aspect, or to express it more appropriately, its philosophical point of view.

When religious records are looked at through their symbolic window there is a possibility that one may erroneously conclude that these narrations have no historical bearing but are coined to teach certain eternal principles.

When I first attempted to draw the attention of the symbolic or spiritual aspect of the Ramayana it created a delusion in some people’s mind that I was negating the Great Epic its historical status. That was however not the case.

My only aim was to bring to people’s notice that whichever incidents occur in the Ramayana have their spiritual/philosophical counterpart in the inner recess of an aspirant’s being.

My symbolic and philosophical viewpoints are being widely propagated these days.

Mrs. Shakun Narainji has a quest for spiritual knowledge, an urge to listen and introspect and a soul-searching ability. These three qualities have blended in a beautiful manner in her personality. The above qualities have chanellised themselves in the form of this book.

She has presented the Ramayana in its symbolic form. A blend of listening and introspecting she has gone through is seen while going through its pages.

She has made a praiseworthy attempt to condense the vast ocean of wisdom of the Ramayana into the vessel of her small volume.

I have faith that alert aspirants in the spiritual path will find this book an inspiration.


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