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There was no other alternative. The war bugle was sounded. Rama instructed his army to fight with anything that was handy the monkeys could use sticks, stones and even their own nails to fight the enemy.

When one confronts evil, one must not waste time looking for weapons. One must fight it with what is available at hand.

Lakshmana had a confrontation with Ravana’s son Indrajit. Lakshmana was wounded. Hanuman found Lakshmana lying unconscious in the battlefield. He brought him to Rama.

It is only a noble soul who will bring a wounded devotee to God.

A doctor was summoned who prescribed a herb to be administered to Lakshmana before daybreak if his life was to be saved.

Who was going to accomplish this feat? Hanuman, of course.

He flew to the hill where this herb grew. He was confounded as all the herbs looked alike. He decided to carry the whole hill.

It is said that a man with faith can move moun­tains. Hanuman could carry it.

Hanuman reached Lakshmana on time. Lakshmana’s life was saved.

On the field came Ravana’s brother, Kumbhakarna. He wanted to fight alone; he did not need any help. Kumbhakarna was ego incarnate.

Ego is enough to kill every virtue. Rama killed Kumbhakarna. Only God and his grace have the capacity to annihilate the ego.

Lakshmana killed Meghanatha (Indrajit) after enjoying the much-deserved rest on his Lord’s lap.

Rama killed Ravana.

It was a victory of Good over Evil.

The war between our benign tendencies and our evil ones is a daily occurrence in our lives.

Ravana with his ten ugly heads within us has to eventually fall when the swift arrow of Rama hits him.

Once again the flag of virtue was hoisted.

Rama and Sita were united.

The fourteen years of trial were over.

They returned triumphant to the city of Ayodhya.

The Golden Age took its seat on the throne.

Knowledge and Devotion reigned supreme in the Kingdom.

It is believed in the Hindu philosophy that the flame of Rama’s Kingdom can be kindled and lit up in our hearts too, to bring love and happiness.

The virtues of sacrifice, love and service of Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna must become an integral part of our lives.

And on the throne of our heart must sit the know­ledge and wisdom of Rama united with the devotion and compassion of Sita.

Once this is attained, we are on the right road from strife and death to immortality.


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