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September 2009

Swami Nithyananda

I was invited to attend a Spiritual Workshop by Swami Nithyananda and his disciples. It was an Enlightening experience.
I was introduced to Swamiji. I was told that I could ask him for whatever...I asked: Make my family and loved ones feel fulfilled...Swamiji put tika on my head and said: I will personally look into it...What touched my heart was that he had obviously noticed that I had not asked anything for myself, because he added:..."and I will personally see that you are fulfilled..."
As I came out I realized that I had a bracelet on my arm...I had earlier been eyeing it and thinking of buying it but the counter was too crowded!...so naturally I was surprized to see it on my arm...I tried to go back but the door had been locked...I asked a volunteer and she said that Swamiji must have put it onto my arm...
I felt spiritually, mentally and materially enriched!
Some points mentioned at the Spiritual Workshop by Swamiji and his disciple:
1) Focus on your thoughts that are continuously bubbling...Just command 'Unclutch' to the thoughts...
2) Whatever you may be seeking in the outside world eg wealth, love, health, love...you are seeking Inner fulfillment...Actually all the fulfillment that you seek in the Outside world is your inner nature!
3) Living Enlightenment is only a Cognitive Shift...
4)Just outward objects cannot lead you to fulfillment...Dont expect too much from outer world achievements...
5)When you start working in the Internal world, the energy that awakens not only brings peace etc...but will also bring all that you were running after in the Outer World!
6) Learn to sit with yourself...connect with your emptiness...Dont always entertain yourself and escape...you come wired with the emptiness...it will remind you of what you came to achieve...When you become a seeker all your activities will become meditation. Just seek...That act is intelligent enough to take you towards Enlightenment...

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