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I had gone to Sadhu Vaswani Sadhana Camp at Sun-n-Sand Shirdi. (October 2005)
I was asked to relate my experience in the camp to Revered Dada Jashan and those
assembled there.
Allow me to share the same with you...in brief

Dada said: 'Dil jee dari khol' Open the window of your heart!
Go inside...Keep company of Saints...
I said:
I have asked a lot of Qs, got a lot of answers...now I just desire to bask in
the presence of Saints...
At Shirdi at the camp, I got to spend 3 glorious days in the company of Dada
and Shirdi Sai Baba...My cup runneth over...

When I arrived at the camp...I was made to share a room with ladies I did not
know...I reasoned to myself: This is a Spiritual camp...it will make me perforce
make me practice 'Moun' (no talking) and if the ladies were to turn out to be
unpleasant...I would have to learn 'Saburi' (Patience) (Sai Baba advocates Shraddha (faith) and Saburi)
I must add that the ladies were most pleasant and I felt there was a Karmic connection there...
My belief in 'Hari Ichha' is re-enforced...

I practiced living a moment at a time as our day was chalked out for us...

It felt good to connect with Sindhis, our language, culture and music...
Dada sang:
Aaya aahyun Dwar Tusaande
Arz unaaye arz unaaye
Baajh beri mein chaadhe chaadhe
Poor Bunder Panhuchaaye daadal
poor Bunder panhuchaaye

I completed my short talk with Dada's own poem (written above)
Which means (loosely translated):
Have come to your door
Heed my request
Help me to get on the boat of Grace and Compassion
And usher me to the Ultimate Shore

Me, sharing my experience in the august presence of Dada Jashan at the Camp


 My photo with Dada Jashan

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