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My early education took place in Europe.

My outlook and thoughts were not of the Eastern kind in the least, as by living In alien shores I had been denied access to our rich cultural heritage.

I returned to India with my mother, confused about Hinduism. My mother is a religious woman and spent most of her time going for spiritual discourses. She would not leave me alone at home, hence we would strike a deal. If I went with her for a religious gathering. she would allow me to go somewhere I enjoyed.

At the spiritual discourses that I was made to attend my mind would wander to whatever was fancying me at that moment. Somehow, somewhere, sometimes, a sentence would find its way Into my intellect and the questions would arise. Initially, the questions poured. probably to argue to prove myself right. but as I came across scholars in front of whom my argument seemed to have not a chance, I realised the ocean of wisdom that Hinduism is.

Today, I thank my mother for being the instrument in instilling a spiritual interest In me.


I met Prof. Rain Panjwanl at a time when questions were bubbling within me with an intensity that I could barely contain. Though Prof. Ram Panjwani Is no more he will always be venerated amongst the Sindhis as one who strove to keep the Sindhi culture alive.

He was recognised by the Government of India and awarded a Padma Shree. Today a road is also named after him close to where he lived.

His manner of living was humble: yet his association was aristocratic and so was his bearing.

He felt and behaved like a king, obviously his possessions were of a different kind. He would often beam, ‘Life is a Joy.’ He taught me that it is not how much we have but how much we are able to learn from life, that makes for happiness.

He also taught me that everything that pertains to Hinduism has a scientific root attached to it.

My first book Hindu Customs & Beliefs saw the light of day, thanks to him. In the Foreword that he gave to my book he stated that my book, though small, was a treasure-house of knowledge and wisdom.

I would add that so much of it came from him and I thank him.


My husband Narain, though not directly interested in religious matters, has not come in the way of my spiritual interests.

He has trusted me and supported me and has been instrumental in my keeping a balance between my household duties and spiritual pursuits. For that I thank him. I gave to my children my best during their growing years. Today, they give me their best. For that I am grateful. A special thanks to relatives and friends who have loved and encouraged me. I thank Manju for helping me type the manuscript. By writing about the different personalities that have come my way in this book. I believe I have already expressed my Acknow­ledgement. I would however add a Thank you’ to guides—seen and unseen, known and unknown.

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