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A Letter of Blessings from Maa Brij Mohiniji


6th November. 1991

Shakun, my daughter,

I feel happy when I see you. Despite all your worldly comforts you love your Lord.

I remember the day when your mother came to me and told me that her daughter was not interested in spiritual matters, and though at that time I had not laid eyes on you, I predicted that you would one day go far in the Path of the Lord.

These words have come true. You sing praises of the Lord and give happiness to others. My heartfelt Love and Blessings will always be with you. We have to turn this materialistic world into a spiritual one. This aus­picious work is being done through your hands.


My first encounter with Ma Brij Mohiniji was when I was in my early teens.

Ma Brij Mohini hails from Punjab. A petite woman, with an overpowering personality, when young, she was pulled towards things spiritual. And today she has a sizeable following in the outskirts of Bombay.

My mother got to meet her first. At that time I did not have much interest in saints and sages and whatever they had to say. However, Ma Brij Mohini predicted that I would pursue the path and that I would come closer to her than my mother was. That prophecy has come true.

Her discipline was austere. She would not let us move our limbs while the lecture was on. She would tell us to forget our bodies while we were with her.

She taught me the value of discipline and steadfastness.

I was one of Ma Brij Mohini’s prized pupils — (She would always praise me copiously.)

Once, on a small matter or so it seemed to me, she got annoyed and so she ordered me out of the room the minute I entered it.

She humiliated me In front of those, in front of whom she had raised me only a short while ago to dizzy heights with her words of praise.

After many days of such treatment, I went to her with tears in my eyes and said: “If you are trying to test me to see whether I will persevere in my coming to you - I would like you to know that I will not stop: only just tell me how much longer do I have to bear this treatment.” She hugged me close to her heart and said:

“That is what I was testing you for. I wanted to know for sure whether you were a true seeker or you came for the intoxication that my praise provided you with.”

I learned not to be overly exalted by praise or unduly dejected by criticism.

I thank her for placing the foundation stone on the spiritual road on which I was to travel.

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