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What is Dal Sabzi for the Aatman

Dal Sabzi for the Aatman is a website dedicated to spreading a message of spirituality through the medium of weekly e-mail message by Shakun Narain.  

There are no universal answers to the meaning of life. I like to believe that it is a journey to the Source... its ups and downs are a lesson...Yet all journeys start with the first step...the first step towards the philosophic quest is the enquiry: "Athato Brahmn Jignasa"...

Then starts the sadhana, the spiritual effort the seeker puts in. The word sadhana is derived from the root word 'sidh' which means 'to be accomplished' in 'seeking divinity' The quest starts 'out' (pravritti marg) and must end 'in' (nivritti marg) and in the knowing that there is no 'separation'...

There is a lot of information on Spirituality on the internet. One could 'search' for almost anything that one would like to learn about...What I have however tried to do, is to write for a lay person... my effort lies in keeping such a 'heavy' subject light and readable.

What is Spirituality?

According to Alan Shelton, '...a person may experience spirituality without being a member of any specific religious affiliation and even the most religious person may feel spiritually bereft. The true purpose of religion is to enhance spirituality through ritual and practice. This is accomplished when a person approaches his or her religion as a way to enter the great mystery, to become aware of the sacredness of all life. Religion can become a barrier to spirituality when it insists on narrow , judgmental dogma, and estranges its followers from a sense of connection with the Divine'...

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I have a web blog which I update regularly. It contains my thoughts/experiences and information of my website. Do visit: http://shacune.blogspot.com  

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